This Summer, Smell Like Fruit Salad

A new bonanza of fruit scents are far more sophisticated than the adolescent splashes of summers past. Let’s be honest about it: The desire to walk around smelling like a fruit basket is, at its core, an embarrassing one. It’s almost prelapsarian, this physical yearning to not only eat the ripe apple but also to rub it all over your skin. The smells of fruit flesh are, after all, some of the first alluring aromas we grasp. Children learn to distinguish between the milky scent of mashed banana and the sour zing of an orange wedge long before they ever engage with a flower. Fruits are, in essence, the primary colors of the fragrance wheel. With a few exceptions, their smells are easy and accessible: sugary and tart, creamy and honeyed. This is why, when we think of fruit-based perfumes, we tend to think of adolescent body splashes — those raspberry spritzes that teenagers splurge on at the mall. Even the fruit emoji are the most playfully immature of the bunch: If you don’t know what the little cartoon peach is supposed to signify, well, ask the nearest seventh grader and watch her snicker. There is a darker side to fruit fragrances, too. In theory, they are perfect for summer. Who wouldn’t want to smell as refreshing as a granita when the humidity hits? In practice, they are far tougher to pull off, especially in the heat. If the juicy notes are too sweet, they can easily skew too boozy, like a too-strong painkiller cocktail at a tiki bar.

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