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Wonderland by Octavia will lift up your mood with its amazing aroma made from high quality materials. Wonderland will welcome you with its wonderful top notes of Grapefruit that has a bitter herbaceous woody scent, Bergamot adds a fruity and citrusy, with a floral hints and spice notes while the Juniper has a fresh balsamic yet aromatic fragrance the Lemon also adds freshness and has a distinctively clean scent to the opening notes. A good combination of middle notes from Artemisia that has bitterish odor and Lavender that has a delicate, sweet smell. Cardamom emphasized the middle notes because of its fresh, very aromatic spice with a eucalyptus effect, Mandarin adds citrusy. Base notes are Sandal that has a sweet, earthy, floral yet smoky scent. Musk has a woody yet animalistic smell. Amber adds a warm, lightly sweet fragrance to the base note while the Cedarwood has a pleasant aroma and balsamic undertones.   


  • 120 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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