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Leo was launched in January of 2022 and present to you the Toska, a perfume that will to toast up your mood with a spray of this amazing mixtures of notes.  A note that gives a richness and intensity to the Toska is the Jasmine, it has a sweet floral scent and a dead-sexy muskiness to it as a top note. The Bergamot balance the perfume by its fruity and citrusy scent with the hint of spice. Mandarin Orange as another top note will welcome you with its fresh, tangy, and fruity aroma. A woody and earthy scent comes from the Cypriol Oil and Vetiver as middle note. Black pepper gives a spiciness with pungent of an herbal nuance. Patchouli as another middle note adds a strong, sweet and musky scents while the Tuberose adds a flowery scent. Base notes are Laotian Oud that gives a musky yet sweet scent while the Agarwood gives a woody with a hint of bright fruits and soft florals.


SKU: 8820200505165
  • 150 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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