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The Arizona Bloom will surely brighten up your day with its loving fresh aroma. The top note will welcome you with a good mix scents from Lavender that has a delicate, floral, sweet scent, Pineapple’s sweet, fresh and fruity odor, Bergamot’s sunny citrus, sweet aroma and Lemon Verbena’s fresh, clean, floral-citrus aroma. Middle note consists of Red Apple that delivers a juicy, sweet and fruity scent while the Dried fruit has a fruity sweet scent mixed with Oakmoss’s strong, earthy-mossy aroma, Geranium’s rosy, sweet, sharp aromatic quality, Coumarin’s sweet, aromatic, creamy, vanilla bean odor with nut-like tones, and Rose’s freshly tea leaves. Tonka Bean delivers a subtle nuance of spices like nutmeg and earthy woodsy scents combined with Sandalwood that gives a creamy, earthy, rich and exotic aroma.

The Arizona Bloom

  • 110 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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