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Shamu by Leo is a hard to resist perfume and made into perfection from its cap, bottle, labelling to the fragrance itself. A delicate touch of nutty and soft note comes from the Almond together with Mandarin Orange and Bergamot that gives freshness and citrus scent. Watery top note gives an aquatic smell of sea. A sweetly aromatic aroma from Civet as a middle note with Geranium that provides a citrus and fruity accent forms a good combination. Rose, Gardenia, and Water Lily adds freshness and floral scent to the middle notes. Laotian Oud, Guaiac Wood, and Sandalwood have a musky and woody scent. Vanilla adds warmth, Coffee gives a freshly brewed coffee with spices, Indonesian Patchouli adds a musky-earthy aroma, Oakmoss has a strong and earthy-mossy aroma while Amber has warm and lightly sweet fragrance. Pink pepper has a peppery spicy scent with rosy overtones.


SKU: 8820200505158
  • 150 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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