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 A sweetness, fruity and refreshing perfume in one bottle is a total package Malcom presents Scintilla. Pear is one of the top notes that provides a juicy and sweet delicate scent. Cassis has a light, fruity, woody scent, Tropical fruits has a juicy, fruity and refreshing scent while the Lily of Valley has a fresh, spring-like, floral and crisp green aroma, Raspberry has a sweet, juicy and fruity scent. The middle note is full of freshness from the Apple that has a juicy, sweet, and, refreshing scent, Jasmine gives a floral, rich and sweet scent together with the Magnolia that has a sweet floral and lightly fruity scent, Wisteria has a spicy floral scent with nuances of lilac and glove. Cyclamen gives freshness, sweet yet woody scent. The base note has an Amber that gives a warm, powdery, sweet scent, Patchouli with a strong and sweet scent, Vanilla gives warmth and slightly sweet, Caramelized Sugar smells like cotton candy and Mosses gives an earthy and greenly aroma.


SKU: 9782025101153
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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