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Rose poiverée is an intoxicating example of when richness meets sweetness. The soft top notes of rose, fruity notes depict its significant scent and when fused with middle notes of geranium, sandal, and iris. Having a unique exotic flavor of top notes of tangy mandarin, Davan with base notes of white musk, this perfume has a spring-like aroma. The top notes of saffron mixed with exotic flavors of amyrus base notes, this perfume has a scent that will last a long time, and that the oil will help to prolong the aroma of middle notes of patchouli and top notes of saffron. The base notes of this perfume alone have an everlasting effect due to the rustic blends of labandum and amber. Giving an odor that is variously described as woody and delicate.

Rose Poivree

  • 120 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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