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Who would have thought that the top notes of oregano will bring out the most powerful of an aroma similar to the scent of camohod. Top notes of pepper resemble an aromatic, slightly musky odor. The scents of top notes of bergamot have its unique floral, spicy edge which distinguishes it from other citrus scents. Middle notes of incense holds up a combustible binding material that holds it together in a particular shape, predicting a scent close to cinnamon and myrrh. Opponox, an oak-like vanilla, honey, powder and leather and is a primary essence in oriental perfumes. The middle notes of amber blends with the base notes of leather agar wood (oud), spicy sandalwood and finishing with earthy patchouli.

Regent Leather

SKU: 8802888781192
  • 200 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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