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Porosha by Leo Elliots, a fragrance that embodies sheer elegance and timeless femininity with its simple yet captivating composition. This scent is a delicate and sophisticated symphony that highlights the beauty of floral notes complemented by the bright zest of mandarin orange and the soft allure of white musk.

At the forefront of Porosha lies the luminous top note of mandarin orange, which radiates a sparkling and invigorating freshness. The citrusy burst adds a vibrant and uplifting opening, setting the stage for the graceful evolution of the fragrance.

As the scent progresses, the heart notes bloom into a captivating bouquet of rose and jasmine. Rose, with its classic and romantic allure, exudes elegance and sophistication, while jasmine adds a touch of floral sweetness and sensuality. These delicate floral notes intertwine beautifully, creating an enchanting and graceful core.

Finally, the fragrance settles into its base note of white musk, a soft and clean essence that wraps the scent in a gentle embrace. The subtle warmth of white musk enhances the overall elegance of the composition, providing a tender and comforting trail that lingers delicately on the skin.

Porosha is a fragrance that radiates grace and femininity. It is a versatile and understated scent that seamlessly transitions from day to evening, leaving a soft and lasting impression of delicate sophistication. With its harmonious blend of citrus, florals, and gentle musk, Porosha captures the essence of refined beauty and effortless charm.


SKU: 8820200505189
  • 150 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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