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Bursting with freshness and fruitiness from top note to its base, Malcom presents the Pink Shadow. Orange as top note gives a sweet yet citrusy scent, Lemon gives freshness with a hint of clean, sharp and citrus smell. Bergamot also gives citrusy and sweetness while Plum gives a sweet, fruity, earthy aroma the Spicy notes balances the other top notes because of its intense, and rich aroma. Middle note is like a field of flower oozing you with freshness, Rose has a fresh tea leaves scent, Peace has a sweet, juicy, and fresh scent, Jasmine has a floral scent that is rich and sweet, Freesia give a fruity scent while the Vetiver gives an earthy, smoky smell. The base note of Pink Shadow consists of White Musk that gives a clean, musky scent with Sandal that provides a woody, rich, soft and sweet accents. Patchouli has a strong, sweet scent while Amber has a warm, lightly sweet fragrance. Oakmoss has a strong, earthy-mossy aroma.

Pink Shadow

SKU: 9782025101108
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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