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Mr. Jacob will capture your heart with its charming and charismatic aroma. A unique combination of Black Pepper that gives a fresh, warm-spicy, with a slight touch of refreshing bitterness and Chocolate with a surprisingly sweet, almost caramel-scented, with a distinct aroma of chocolate is a match made in heaven because it balances each other. The middle notes encompass of Ginger that gives a spicy fizzy note with a hint of fresh citrus facet and Schinus Mole with a fresh, woody-peppery, warm-spicy with a sharp odor. To wrap up the alluring scent of Mr. Jacob the base notes are Sandal that gives a sweet, earthy, floral yet smoked notes while the Mosses gives a warm woodsy aroma with a strong earthy scent.

Mr. Jacobs

SKU: 8820200505042
  • 150 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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