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A spray of Leal Orison can boost up your mood because of its warmth and relaxing aroma. The top notes of Leal Orison will hug you with its refreshing notes of Bergamot that gives a citrusy sweet aroma combined with Grapefruit that balances the sweetness because of its bitterish scent. Cardamom enhanced the other notes by its fresh, sweet yet spicy scent while the Saffron has a strong, leathery, soft, and earthy scent, Artemisia gives sharp and very green aroma A sweet floral with rich woody musk of Jasmine as middle note accompanied by Rose that has a fresh tea leaves smell will calm you together with the spicy sweet facet scent of Nutmeg, the Labdanum gives a rich smoky scent while the Sandal has a mix of sweet, earthy and floral scent. Base notes are Cedar wood with balsamic undertones, Patchouli with strong-sweet musky-earthy scent combined with Brandy that gives a warmth aromatic odor. Vanilla has a light sweet effect and Tonka bean has a sweet-spicy fragrance. Leal Orion will surely comfort you with its wonderful scent

Leal Orison

SKU: 9687200819017
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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