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Carefully formulated with top notes of aldehyde, a scent known as known as aliphatic, or “fatty,” and their scents can range from soapy to metallic, waxy to starchy and green to citrus. The beautiful, sophisticated Cassis combines notes of fruity blackberries and blackcurrants with a relaxing woody base of cedar, clove and patchouli. A mix of spice due the the exotic pink pepper and tuberose middle notes known as the in the plant world. And for good reason because its opulent scent. The jasmine sambac, a floral, heady and sophisticated, adds luminosity to the fragrance. This balsamic resin, with its warm, sweet vanilla-like aroma, is woven with Jasmine, bringing an addictive richness to the scent. The base motes of spicy patchouli, musk and veriver giving a scent of a dry, earthy, woody and uncut grass on a warm day.

Gypsy Fauve

SKU: 9782010180057
  • 200 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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