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Through its mesmerizing sweetness scent Carter Cologne present the Flaneur that will allure you in every spray. With its juicy and warm top note, Bergamot gives a fruity, acidulous, and fresh scent merged with the sweetness, aquatic, and fruity smell of Pear and Melon together with the fresh, woody- peppery, smoky aroma of Schinus Mole. Blackcurrant as another top note gives a light, fruity, woody odor. The middle notes will surprise you with its bouquet of floridness of Rose with its floral and warm smell, Jasmine with its rich floral sweet yet woody musk scent, Lily of Valley with its spring-like, light floral and crisp green scent and juicy sweet scent of Raspberry. Mosses as base note will leave you with its earthy and woody aroma combined with Vanilla's warmth, softness effect and Amber's powdery sweet scent. Flaneur a cologne that will catch the attention of others


SKU: 9687200819031
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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