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Desert Shadow is a bright and sensual perfume that emits confidence, radiating an exquisite aroma. Bright and fresh in its initial burst of impression, Desert Shadow opens with notes of spicy pink pepper, like a burst of adrenaline. After initially drawing attention, sparkling and radiant pear brightens the iconic juicy black currant to add richness. The juicy notes of floral hints of rose and delicate jasmine create a powerful scent, depicting ideal passion. The addition of heliotrope as a middle note makes this perfume addictive and acts as an invitation to self-indulgence and pleasure. The warm and sensual vanilla dry down to crisp notes, delivering a sweet scent. These amusing blends of flavors have a perfect sweet to spice ratio.

Desert Shadow

SKU: 8802688781170
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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