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Darkest echo by Octavia has a significantly rich scent filled with everlasting sweetness and musky-like scents. Due to the top notes of black pepper, shinus molle, elemi this perfume is intoxicating in both botanical terms and terms of scent. It is not thick and deep like familiar amber mixes. The odor profile of this fragrance is akin to blossoms with a peppery and fennel facet, discernible citrus piquancy, but less tart than expected from that reference. With the middle notes of floral rose and juicy plums blended with bass notes of smoky leather and sandal, this perfume is perfect for all occasions. Middle notes of iris, benzoin resinoid mixed with base notes of amber and myrrh, this fragrance has a sweet and smooth like vanilla scent. It can smell rich and ceremonial like incense does or it can be sharply gourmand and balsamic.

Darkest Echo

  • 120 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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