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The signature scent of top notes of black pepper, a pungent bite comes from the alkaloid -piperine and piperidine, combined with resins found mostly in the seeds. Its aromatic, slightly musty odor comes from the volatile oils found largely in the flesh and skin. Combined with top notes of saffron which a strong, leathery, soft, earthy, hay-like, reminding slightly of rubber. These are the oils that go into creating this elegant bottle of joy. The middle notes of sage have a real earthy, herbaceous scent. Having an uplifting fragrance, for some this may be the best of all benefits. Blended with the notes of Turkish rose as middle notes, it creates lovely incense with a divine aroma, pure and simple.  Having carnation as middle Notes which are a spicy floral scent, with clove-like undertone, giving a bright and vivid concept to the bottle.  Base notes of cyproil oil which is a smoky, having a fusion of vetiver with a trace of spice. Nagarmotha, which is a woody, earthy and quite lingering; it mostly conjures a hybrid between cedar and patchouli. After blended with leather as its base notes, it gives fleeting touches of cinnamon and frankincense depicting a churchy feel.

Citrus Riviera

SKU: 9782010180040
  • 200 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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