"I truly enjoy this shop and am a return customer. This time I sampled Q (perfect fall into winter scent, reminiscent of a hike though the woods with a hint of smoke in the distance), Gracing the Dawn (a very pretty and feminine floral), and Cimbalom (the one I have been using the most... yet it's difficult for me to describe...incense, jasmine, patchouli, sensuous and comforting). The way these scents convey a place, a mood, a memory... is quite remarkable!"


"Absolutely amazing scents and very mystical and unique packaging. This would make the perfect gift for a special person especially someone who enjoys non mainstream products. If you are looking to spend a little more a sample gift set with a gift card would be very thoughtful because the recipient could try the samples and choose their own larger item. I picked 5 samples based on the descriptions and even though they were all fun, 1 of them I absolutely LOVED! I am a sandalwood lover and sandalwood and rose has been my go to because I will not use synthetic fragrance. However I was always wishing for a little bit more. The combinations in Vespertina meet all my desires for that incensey yet still floral and romantic scent. Amazing! Tr...

Mary Beth

"Amazing product and excellent customer service. They all smell so fantastic that I am still having a hard time choosing which scent to purchase in a larger quantity. I found the descriptions of the scents to be very accurate. I am tempted to purchase another sample pack to explore some of the other intriguing scents..."


"Perfect packaging and service. All fragrances are lovely, but my favourite has to be Aurora which certainly gives the impression of a bouquet of carnations. As I am a floral fan, I may well order a locket pan of this for my mother's Christmas present. Green Witch (you can smell the sea!) is something I may gift my sister with - she loves sailing, is full of derring-do and lives in Greenwich (as in Mean Time)!"

This Summer, Smell Like Fruit Salad

A new bonanza of fruit scents are far more sophisticated than the adolescent splashes of summers past. Let’s be honest about it: The desire to walk around smelling like a fruit basket is, at its core, an embarrassing one. It’s almost prelapsarian, this physical yearning to not only eat the ripe apple but also to rub it all over your skin. The smells of fruit flesh are, after all, some of the first alluring aromas we grasp. Children learn to distinguish between the milky scent of mashed banana and the sour zing of an orange wedge long before they ever engage with a flower. Fruits are, in essence, the primary colors of the fragrance wheel. With a few exceptions, their smells are easy and accessible: sugary and tart, creamy an...