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Step into the heart of an enchanted forest with Woodsy by Mignon, a fragrance that evokes the rugged beauty and timeless allure of the woods. At the forefront, the top notes of agarwood, Brazilian rosewood, and cardamom create an intoxicating blend that immediately transports you to a realm of earthy splendor. This initial burst of rich, woody aromas conjures visions of towering trees and sun-dappled glades, inviting you to wander deeper into the embrace of nature.
As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals its warm and spicy core, infused with the exotic allure of sandalwood, Sichuan pepper, and vanilla. Like a crackling fire in the heart of the forest, these middle notes add depth and complexity to Woodsy, filling the air with their tantalizing warmth and seductive charm. Each inhalation is a journey through a sensory wonderland, where every scent tells a story of adventure and discovery.
Finally, as the fragrance settles into its base, a sense of grounded elegance emerges, enveloped in the smoky embrace of vetiver, tonka bean, and amber. Rich and resinous, these base notes add a touch of sophistication to Woodsy, grounding the fragrance in a warm and comforting embrace. With each inhale, the scent wraps you in a cozy cocoon of contentment, inviting you to linger in its embrace and savor every moment.
Woodsy by Mignon is more than just a fragrance; it is a journey through the heart of the forest, where every scent tells a story and every breath is an adventure. Whether worn for a rugged outdoor excursion or a cozy night by the fire, this enchanting scent is sure to leave a lasting impression, like a whispered secret shared between kindred spirits amidst the trees.


وحدة SKU: 9780403249510
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum

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