Mohd Balhowaimil perfumes EST started its business journey in the year 1976 in hand of Mr Abdul jalil, A Bangladeshi national, when came to UAE for the first time. The beginning was with home delivery of Oud and Dhan Al Oud in a very small quantity. The business commitments, authenticity of the products, his dedication and love for business made this name very famous and most trustworthy. The first shop was established in Town Center of Al Ain City in the year 1996. At the very beginning, the business was based on Oud, Dahn Al Oud, Attars and few local branded perfumes. The business started to grow very fast and started to expand. Mr Abdul Jalil handed over this business to his elder son Hafiz Ahmed in  2002. The business started to grow faster in the hand of Mr. Hafiz. It started spreading branches in prime commercial areas in Al Ain city. Now Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes is conducting the business activities with eight exclusive branches. Now a day, this business has grown up with a unique reputation and brand value. It has also joined different online marketplace and its own e-commerce site home and abroad with a huge approach which is initiated by Mr. Hussain Ahmed, the youngest son of Mr. Abdul Jalil due to the demand of era.


Mohd Balhowaimil Perfume conducting their business in accordance to the legal rules of the government of United Arab Emirates with the Establishment license. Our mission is to compete the current perfume market with all importers/exporters, whole sellers and cargo companies. A large team of dedicated staff expertise in different business sectors are doing their best for the development of the company.


It is our vision to reach into one of the renowned business name in UAE as well as to the world market by the end of 2020 with a huge targeted revenue and brand value. We believe that the Mohd Balhowailmil Perfumes will reach to the goal far before the expected duration.




The world business, Business policies are changing and growing rapidly. The primitive trade and commerce is now in a situation what we can see. Therefore, Mohd Balhowaimil Perfume is developing their business following modern business strategies considering the business products and market condition.


Core Business Activities:


Retail Sales:

Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes EST is selling all kind of branded and non Branded perfumes, Attars, Ouds, Dahn Al Oud, Perfume Oil and all kind of perfumery accessories in all retail branches.


Whole Sale:

The total of our business revenue is always taken ahead by whole sale activities. We are directly whole selling branded perfumes, all our own manufactured perfumes, Air Fresheners, Bakhoor etc at a large quantity every month to the UAE market.


Perfume Manufacture:

Mohd Balhowaimil Perfume believes that, the real progress of this business started after going through the direct perfume manufacturing with very own

and very unique concept and fragrance blend at the end of 2015. Now, the company owns about more than 100 individual items including Perfumes, Home fragrances, Bakhoor, Dhan Al Oud etc.



Recently our company has started exporting perfumes to the gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait where it started since 2010 with Oud, Dahn Al Oud, home fragrance and Bakhoor. The main products we are exporting are Branded perfumes; own manufactured perfumes, and also the Home Fragrance.


For the sake of mass production and considering the current market price Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes EST is importing raw materials from China including Glass Bottles with fancy metal caps for perfume, Glass jars for Bakhoor, Fancy boxes for perfume and bakhoor and Boxes for Oud.


Due to the demand of era and finding the platform easier, flexible and trusted, Mohd Balhowaimil Perfumes also stepped ahead to the ecommerce business. Now Its operating online sell with some very famous ecommerce marketplace named www.souq.com a concern of www.amazon.com and www.noon.com beside its own ecommerce website www.balhowaimil.com which is under development.